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What We Do

Content, Tools and Systems integration for Live Events and Experiences

Our experience in live events and digital experiences means that we provide a turnkey solution for our clients, offering everything from real-time content, design and creative leadership as well as a full technical solution with systems design and installation.

Virtual Production Content and Studio Support

Our converging experience with Unreal Engine, live production and studio support has meant that we are regularly asked to assist in studio management, operation and content creation for Virtual Production and ICVFX shoots. We work with Disguise and XR workflows as well as nDisplay Unreal Engine content.

Character Animation and Motion Capture

Technical animation in Unreal Engine is more than just an artform, it requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of the software as well as a creative flare for digital character performance and animating objects.
As early users of motion capture technology, and partners of Target 3D and their London studios, we cover everything from running and operating mocap shoots to cleanup and post processing. We have even developed our own patented control protocol for live streaming mocap around the world.

Location Based Interactive Experiences

Copper Candle was created as a company who specialises in the integration of emerging XR technology with live events. We create custom applications for a range of AR, VR and MR technologies which can operate standalone or as part of an integrated system of technologies for an event.

Live Events in Fortnite

Copper House is the world's first
metaverse live events venue that is able to be controlled and managed with existing live events control systems.

Soon, theatre productions and live music will be performed in Copper House to audiences in a wide range of platforms, with the artists performing using video, motion capture and volumetric capture technology.

This ground-breaking vision will allow audiences to experience live events in a truly immersive way, as they explore the Copper House venue and interact with other fans.
Each live event can be delivered using a range of technology to suit the artists style and needs, whilst reaching the largest possible market through online streaming.

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