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Break A Leg

Virtual Theatre Creation App

Break A Leg is an exciting new consumer facing tool that allows people at home to develop and create their own productions for a realtime 3D virtual theatre. They record their parts on their phones or using one of Break A Legs custom filming rigs and then import those files onto the website where they get synced, combined and edited into a fully virtual Unreal Engine scene. 

From here, the full show can be distributed as videos on our own platform, through social media or the customers platform where it can be ticketed and distributed in their own way. 

The Unreal Engine scene can also be deployed into an app on any device including VR, AR and PC or phone applications. It has the capability to support motion captured or volumetricly captured content and could be built into game platforms such as PlayStation or even built inside a multiplayer game as part of a metaverse.



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