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World Building

Unreal Fellowship & World-Building

Copper Candle proudly participated in the Unreal Fellowship, focusing on world-building within an innovative project titled "Celestial Corsairs." This project combined the themes of space exploration, fantasy pirate ships, and the iconic Opera, the Flying Dutchman, into a singular, engaging narrative. Set against the backdrop of a cosmic odyssey, it interweaves a tale of godly wars and the Dutch Revolution, showcasing our ability to blend diverse historical and fantastical elements into a cohesive story.

Our achievements in this fellowship highlighted our skills in leveraging Unreal Engine to create immersive, dynamic environments that push the boundaries of digital storytelling. "Celestial Corsairs" stands as a testament to our creative and technical expertise, demonstrating our commitment to exploring new frontiers in the realm of digital world-building and interactive experiences.

Project Gallery

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