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Co-design with Smashfest!

Welcome to Wildfire!, the groundbreaking escape room-style adventure that ignites the spark of creativity and environmental awareness in the heart of Lewisham. As the first embodiment of our LIIVE Adventure concept, Wildfire! is an interactive experience developed through the collaboration of climate scientists, creative technologists, fire and emergency experts, theatre practitioners, engineers, designers, and the vibrant minds of Lewisham's young people.

Experience the Heat of the Moment

Led by an expert 'trainer', groups of up to 12 'volunteers' are thrust into a hands-on journey where they must solve a series of physical and digital tasks within an immersive environment. Wildfire! is not just an adventure—it's a call to action. Participants gain a deep understanding of the climate crisis's impact on their immediate surroundings, working collaboratively to devise solutions and combat the challenges head-on.

Collaboration at Its Core

This pioneering experience has been developed by SMASHfestUK in partnership with LYT's Junior Company, Phoenix Community Housing #BEin, Middlesex University, and the creative technology mavens at Copper Candle. From the 1st to the 5th of April, Lewisham Youth Theatre's Creative Hub transforms into the epicenter of innovation and engagement, hosting this unparalleled immersive adventure.

Join the Emergency Response

Participants find themselves as members of an Emergency Response ‘Citizens Advice Panel’, arriving for what they believe to be a routine training session. However, as wildfires erupt across Lewisham and emergency services are stretched to their limits, it falls to you and your team to leverage your logic, creativity, and the resources at hand to safeguard lives and infrastructure.

Project Gallery

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