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Wallace and Gromit

A proof of concept for a Magic Leap experience with our favourite characters

Before the unforeseen challenges brought on by the global pandemic, Copper Candle embarked on an exciting journey into the world of mixed reality, working with the beloved characters Wallace and Gromit. Although this project never came to fruition, the work we accomplished stands as a testament to our passion for blending storytelling with the latest in spatial computing technologies.

For this endeavor, we leveraged Magic Leap technology to create an immersive mixed reality experience. Designed to be showcased in a museum setting, this short game invited participants to step into the whimsical world of Wallace and Gromit as holograms. The premise was both simple and thrilling: help Wallace and Gromit load their iconic rocket, originally featured in their first-ever episode "A Grand Day Out," and navigate it through space. The adventure took an exciting turn as the rocket inevitably crashed, and players were tasked with a critical mission – to grab a go-kart fire extinguisher, race to the scene, and save the much-coveted cheese from the flames.

Produced over a single weekend as a proof of concept, this mixed reality experience showcased Copper Candle's ability to rapidly develop fun, engaging, and innovative projects. It highlighted not only our technical prowess but also our deep appreciation for storytelling and character-driven narratives. Utilizing spatial computing systems like Magic Leap, alongside prospects with Apple Vision Pro, this project underscored our enthusiasm for exploring new dimensions of interactive and immersive experiences.

Though the Wallace and Gromit mixed reality experience remains unrealized, it continues to inspire our team and exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the realm of digital entertainment and education. Copper Candle remains dedicated to exploring the potential of augmented and mixed reality technologies, always seeking new ways to engage audiences and bring imaginative worlds to life.

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