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Thank Heavens For Little Girls

Innovating Theatre: The Hybrid Holographic Project with The Egg Theatre and Theatre Royal Bath

In an era where the intersection of technology and traditional theatre crafts increasingly blurs the lines between the physical and digital, Copper Candle stands at the forefront of pioneering new modalities of storytelling. Our recent collaboration with The Egg Theatre and Theatre Royal Bath exemplifies this commitment. Through our expertise in creative technology consultancy, we embarked on a revolutionary Research and Development (R&D) project that seamlessly merges holographic gauze technology with live performance, offering a hybrid, multi-media solution to a unique theatrical challenge.

The Genesis of Innovation

The project's journey began with Jenni Jackson's early-stage R&D, shared in partnership with The Place and The Lowry at the Incubator Showcase prior to the global pandemic. This initial exploration set the stage for a profound evolution of the production's concept. Recognizing the potential of integrating digital elements into live theatre, The Egg Theatre has continued to champion the development of this project, exploring its dramaturgy, viability, and core conceit through a digital provocation.

A Tale of Two Voices

In this innovative production, Jenni Jackson not only contributes her visionary direction but also steps into the narrative, embodying a character that brings to life the duality of adulthood and childhood. This juxtaposition serves as a poignant canvas to explore themes of experience, loss, and the diminishing capacity for play that often accompanies the passage into adulthood. By weaving her voice with that of a child, the production invites audiences into a reflective journey that bridges the gap between the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the ethereal.

Holographic Gauze: The Medium of Magic

At the heart of this R&D project is the creative use of holographic gauze. This cutting-edge technology, facilitated by Copper Candle's consultancy and technological support, acts as a bridge between the digital and physical realms. It allows for a dynamic interplay between holographic projections and live actors, creating a multi-layered narrative experience that transcends conventional theatrical boundaries. The holographic gauze becomes a canvas for digital provocations, enriching the storyline with a depth that traditional stagecraft alone could not achieve.

Beyond the Stage

This project is more than just a theatrical production; it is a testament to the possibilities that emerge at the confluence of art and technology. By embracing a hybrid approach, we are not only challenging the conventions of storytelling but also expanding the vocabulary of theatre itself. The collaboration between Copper Candle, The Egg Theatre, and Theatre Royal Bath represents a bold step forward in redefining what live performance can be, blending the essence of human experience with the boundless potential of digital innovation.

A Future Crafted by Imagination

As we continue to explore this uncharted territory, our project stands as a beacon for the future of theatre—a future where the digital enhances the physical, where narratives are not confined by the limits of the stage, and where audiences are invited to experience stories in a way they never thought possible. Join us on this journey of discovery, where technology meets tradition, and where every performance is a gateway to new worlds of imagination.

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