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Richard III Holograms

Holographic Shakespeare at the Egg Theatre, Bath.

At Copper Candle, we're continually exploring the frontiers of technology and theatre to bring groundbreaking experiences to audiences around the globe. In a pioneering collaboration with the Egg Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath, and visionary director Rob Myles, we embarked on an ambitious Research and Development (R&D) project aimed at transcending the physical boundaries of performance space. Our goal was to harness the potential of Hologauze technology to enable simultaneous live performances across continents, connecting actors and audiences in a shared theatrical experience like never before.

The Challenge of Distance in Live Performance

The essence of this project was to create a live, interactive performance where actors in different parts of the world could appear together on stage, despite being continents apart. Using Hologauze, a state-of-the-art reflective screen material designed for creating holographic effects, we aimed to stream one actor's performance onto the screen of another location, and vice versa. This would allow for real-time interaction between performers in front of a live audience, effectively making distances disappear.

Navigating Technical Limitations

As we delved into the technical intricacies of the project, we encountered unforeseen challenges. The reflective nature of the Hologauze material, while ideal for certain applications, presented significant obstacles for live streaming holographic content. To maintain the illusion of simultaneous presence and interaction without detracting from the audience's experience, the material's limitations required innovative thinking and adaptability.

A Creative Solution

Faced with these challenges, our team demonstrated resilience and creativity by pivoting towards a solution that would preserve the project's integrity and artistic vision. Although the initial goal of live streaming could not be achieved within the constraints of the technology and material, we adapted by integrating high-quality pre-recorded content. This approach allowed us to simulate the desired effect of live interaction between performers across continents, ensuring the audience remained immersed in the seamless illusion of a shared space.

The Outcome

The result was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the unwavering pursuit of creative excellence. By combining traditional theatrical elements with cutting-edge technology, we created a unique experience that pushed the boundaries of what is possible in live performance. Although not live in the strictest sense, the use of pre-recorded content in conjunction with Hologauze technology achieved our goal of bringing performers together in a singular, cohesive narrative, captivating audiences with the magic of theatre that knows no bounds.

Looking Forward

This project has laid the groundwork for future exploration and innovation in the intersection of technology and theatre. At Copper Candle, we remain committed to pushing the limits, exploring new possibilities, and finding creative solutions to technical challenges. Our work with the Egg Theatre, Theatre Royal Bath, and Rob Myles on the Hologauze experiment underscores our dedication to enhancing live performance through technology, ensuring that even when faced with limitations, the show must, and will, go on.

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