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Kilter Theatre AR Show

Revolutionizing Storytelling: The Library of Superpowers with Kilter Theatre

Copper Candle is thrilled to spotlight our recent collaboration with Kilter Theatre, alongside our esteemed partners in Bath, The Egg Theatre and Theatre Royal Bath, on the transformative project, The Library of Superpowers. This ambitious endeavor showcases our latest technological advancement, Bonestream, and its application in real-time motion capture to create an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that blurs the lines between the digital and physical worlds.

A Vision of Neurodiversity Through Technology

The Library of Superpowers emerges as a groundbreaking exploration into the future of storytelling and the representation of neurodiversity. Set against the backdrop of a society where robots have supplanted the human workforce, the narrative introduces us to Roberta, a dyslexic robot who, despite feeling invisible, possesses a unique array of skills. Kilter Theatre's commitment to innovative storytelling and immersive experiences finds a perfect match in Copper Candle's technological prowess, leading to a showcase that redefines audience interaction.

Bridging Realities with Bonestream

Leveraging our Bonestream product, we achieved a seamless real-time motion capture from a Perception Neuron system, animating Roberta in AR to be interacted with through mobile devices and tablets. This integration not only brought Roberta to life in front of the audiences' eyes but did so in a way that allowed for live, dynamic interactions. The result was a magical experience, especially for children, who could interact with a live and responsive AR robot, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

AR as a Window to Experience

Kilter Theatre's ambition to use AR technology as a means to represent the dyslexic experience opens new avenues for storytelling. This approach not only makes visible the often-invisible world of neurodiversity but also invites audiences to engage with the material in a deeply personal and interactive manner. The showcase of The Library of Superpowers at the Incubator Showcase is a testament to the potential of digital technology in crafting immersive, site-specific, participatory work that speaks to contemporary issues.

Expanding the Boundaries of Immersive Theatre

This collaboration highlights the immense potential of integrating AR technology with live performance, creating a participatory experience that engages audiences in novel and meaningful ways. The constraints and opportunities discovered through this project pave the way for future explorations of digital technology in the arts, offering valuable insights into how immersive and site-specific theatre can evolve to tell stories that resonate with audiences on multiple levels.

A Collaborative Future

The success of The Library of Superpowers underscores the importance of collaborative innovation in pushing the boundaries of what theatre can achieve. As Kilter Theatre continues to explore new ways to represent experiences like dyslexia, Copper Candle remains committed to providing the technological solutions that make these visions a reality. Together, we look forward to further exploring the intersections of technology, storytelling, and audience engagement, creating experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire.

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