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Hyper Reality Experience

We created a hyper reality VR experience which linked tracked VR for audiences with live motion capture performers, tracked objects, DMX Lighting control and integrated sensory events such as heat, smell, touch and live performances with music.

In an ambitious project funded by Innovate UK, Copper Candle pioneered a cutting-edge hyperreality experience that seamlessly blended the realms of virtual and physical reality, offering audiences an unprecedented level of immersion. Utilizing the Oculus Quest 2 headsets, participants were transported into a meticulously crafted virtual world, yet the journey began in the tangible realm with a live-action, immersive onboarding process.

Upon arrival, audience members were invited to step directly into the narrative, donning costumes and picking up props that would later play integral roles within the virtual experience. Guided by professional actors, participants were briefed on safety protocols and educated on how to navigate the forthcoming digital landscape, ensuring a seamless transition from the physical to the virtual world.

The adventure unfolded in a specially designed studio equipped with advanced motion capture tracking solutions. This innovative technology allowed for the precise tracking of both the participants and their props, as well as a live motion capture actress who interacted directly with the audience, bridging the gap between the virtual characters and their real-world counterparts. This interaction was further enhanced by live music, with a pianist providing the auditory backdrop to the unfolding narrative, enriching the sensory experience.

Central to the experience was the integration of Copper Candle's innovative product, Cue29, which facilitated live control of the scenic environment within the Unreal Engine. Coupled with a DMX lighting console, Cue29 enabled the dynamic manipulation of the scene's position and automation, allowing for real-time adjustments and a fully immersive environment.

This project also marked the developmental inception of our now patented protocols, Copper Stream and Bone Stream, showcasing their potential in creating hybrid hyperreality experiences. These technologies proved to be not just viable but also reliable, demonstrating Copper Candle's commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive entertainment.

This Innovate UK-funded project stands as a testament to Copper Candle's expertise in harnessing technology to craft experiences that transcend traditional entertainment paradigms. It highlights our dedication to innovation and our ability to create complex, immersive worlds where technology and storytelling converge, offering audiences not just a glimpse into the future of entertainment but a fully realized leap into it.

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