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Coventry City AR Trail

Coventry's Hidden Energies: An Augmented Reality Adventure

Join us in celebrating Coventry's year as the City of Culture with a groundbreaking augmented reality trail that brings the city's vibrant cultural and scientific history to life. Developed by Copper Candle in collaboration with Pixelux and utilizing the power of Unity Engine, this AR experience invites families and explorers of all ages to uncover the hidden stories of Coventry through an immersive digital journey.

Embark on a Journey Through Time and Innovation

"Coventry's Hidden Energies" is designed to enrich your visit to Coventry, offering a new way to interact with the city's iconic landmarks. As you traverse the heart of Coventry, you'll be guided by augmented reality markers placed in key city centre locations. Each marker serves as a gateway to a unique AR experience, unveiling extraordinary tales of Coventry's past and present.

Discover Six Augmented Reality Destinations

Our trail features six pivotal locations across Coventry, each with its own story to tell:

  • Broadgate: Immerse yourself in the bustling origins of Coventry, where history and modernity converge.

  • The Bull Yard: Discover the social heartbeat of Coventry, a space of gathering and innovation.

  • The Belgrade Theatre: Step into the world of performing arts and witness the cultural renaissance of post-war Coventry.

  • Coventry Transport Museum: Rev up your engines and explore Coventry's pivotal role in the British automotive industry.

  • Coventry Cathedral: Reflect on peace and reconciliation amidst the stunning ruins and modern architecture of this iconic landmark.

How to Participate

  1. Download the AR App: Available for both Android and Apple devices, our app is your key to unlocking the stories of Coventry. Simply download it from your app store to begin your adventure.

  2. Visit the Locations: Head to any of the six featured locations across Coventry City Centre.

  3. Scan to Explore: Find the AR markers and use your device to scan them. Each scan activates an augmented reality experience that transports you into Coventry's rich tapestry of culture and science.

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