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Bromley Historical AR Trail

Discover Bromley AR: A Historical Augmented Reality Adventure

Embark on a journey through time with Bromley AR, an innovative augmented reality treasure hunt designed by Copper Candle as part of the #inspirebromley programme. This captivating experience invites children and families to explore the charming town of West Wickham, uncovering its rich history and hidden stories in an engaging and interactive way. Developed in partnership with Bromley Council, this project celebrates the cultural heritage of Bromley and West Wickham, bringing the past to life through the wonders of modern technology.

A Unique Blend of History and Technology

Bromley AR utilizes the power of the Unity Engine to craft an immersive augmented reality experience that transforms the town into a living, breathing museum. As adventurers traverse the streets of West Wickham, they are guided by the historical figure H.G. Wells, a former local resident who made significant contributions to literature and science fiction. Thanks to motion capture technology and the talent of a local amateur dramatics performer, H.G. Wells becomes your virtual guide, sharing fascinating tales and historical insights that paint a vivid picture of the town's past.

Explore, Learn, and Discover

The Bromley AR app is more than just a treasure hunt; it's an educational journey that offers children a unique opportunity to learn about history in an interactive and memorable way. By blending storytelling with cutting-edge AR technology, participants can see historical events unfold before their eyes, connect with the narratives of people who shaped the town, and discover landmarks in a new light.

How It Works

  • Download the Bromley AR app: Available on iOS and Android devices, the app is your gateway to this historical adventure.

  • Visit West Wickham: Start your journey at any point along West Wickham High Street and let the app guide you through the town's history.

  • Uncover the treasures: Follow clues and prompts in the app to find augmented reality markers scattered around the town. Each marker unlocks a story, told by H.G. Wells, about the location's significance.

  • Interactive learning: Engage with the history of Bromley through interactive AR experiences that make learning fun and accessible for all ages.

Celebrating West Wickham

Copper Candle is proud to call West Wickham home, and with Bromley AR, we aim to share the beauty and history of our town with the world. This project not only serves as a tribute to our heritage but also showcases the potential of augmented reality to transform education and community engagement.

Get Ready to Step Back in Time

Bromley AR is launching soon, offering a free, fun, and family-friendly way to explore West Wickham like never before. Stay tuned for the app's release and join us on a historical adventure that celebrates the legacy of Bromley and its people. In partnership with Bromley Council, we invite you to discover the stories that shaped our community, all through the lens of your smartphone. Welcome to the future of historical exploration!

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