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Break A Leg

Amateur Performances in a Digital Space During Isolation

In response to the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Copper Candle spearheaded an innovative initiative named "Break A Leg," funded by Innovate UK. This project was conceived as a lifeline for amateur dramatics groups and performers who found themselves grappling with isolation and the mental health challenges it posed, especially those most vulnerable in our communities. "Break A Leg" emerged as a creative solution to the pressing need for performers to continue their craft and maintain a sense of community, even as traditional stages remained dark.

Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine, Copper Candle developed a platform capable of bringing together video performances from individuals recording in the isolation of their homes. Through a custom synchronization tool, these disparate performances were meticulously keyed out and integrated into a cohesive scenic environment, creating a unified digital stage. This process allowed for the seamless merging of individual videos, effectively placing each performer within an elaborately designed digital set that transcended the confines of their immediate physical surroundings.

Once the digital assembly was complete, the final productions were made accessible on a dedicated website, allowing audiences from anywhere to witness these innovative performances at their convenience. "Break A Leg" not only provided performers with a vital creative outlet during these trying times but also offered the wider public a novel form of entertainment that brought joy and a sense of connection amidst widespread isolation.

The success of "Break A Leg" stands as a testament to the resilience of the arts community and Copper Candle's commitment to leveraging technology for creative expression. By bridging the gap between isolation and collaboration, this project highlighted the transformative potential of digital tools in fostering new forms of artistic engagement, setting the stage for future innovations in the performing arts landscape.

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