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Hello World!


Below are your download links for your performance of Hello World by Copper Candle, along with instructions for installing and running the app if you are unfamiliar with doing this.


Before we bring you into our metaverse, we wanted to share with you some important information about why your participation is so important.


This production is a research project, funded by Innovate UK under the Audience of the Future programme. Our research is designed to help the live theatre and events industry understand its place in a new and wonderful medium and having you participate is vital for us to receive the answers we need. Because this is research, we have made creative, narrative and performance choices in our production which are designed to test an audience response, not to create the best piece of theatre. So please treat this experience as a research experiment, not as a finished production – that is what comes next as we learn the best ways to produce these types of events!


Because this is an innovative R&D project, we haven’t yet published the game application you are about to download, so you will need to install it yourselves. Please follow the instructions for either platform below. When you start the application, you will need to be connected to the internet and after entering your name, you should see a chat window appear on the right-hand side of your screen. If this is working, you are connected to our production and will start to see the show performed at your scheduled time. Any problems, feel free to type into the chat and meet your fellow audience, as well as discussing any issues you are having with our team. If you can’t get logged on, you may email us at to get help.


The most important thing you can do is to participate in the survey at the end of your experience. It should only take 5-10 minutes and is vital for our research. You will receive a follow up email but the link is also below. When we close the survey next week, we will randomly pick three names to win a £50 amazon voucher for completing the survey. If you would like to be considered for this, please add your email address to the end of the survey once you have completed it.


Finally, all of our results will be published in academic papers and a feature documentary explaining our process and findings from the research. We will be posting the links to these on our website so check out in a couple of weeks if you are interested in this or contact us directly if you want to hear more about this technology and how we did it.



Windows PC

Download the zip file and extract it to any folder on your PC (your desktop is fine).

Open the extracted folder and double click the “HelloWorld.exe” icon with the 2 copper candle flame logos on it. Don’t move any files out of this folder, keep it all together and launch it from where you extracted it.

Depending on whether you are a gamer or not, it may prompt you to install some dependencies (some background files) which it needs to run. Please allow it to do this and agree to any requests for network access it may ask you – we will be live streaming data to you over your internet connection.

The app should load into a “connecting” screen and then request your name to start.



Download the DMG file from the link.

Once downloaded, double click the DMG to open it and drag the ‘Hello World’ application onto your Desktop (or Applications folder).

Depending on your macOS version, you may not be able open the application by double clicking it (you might get a message saying the application is from an unidentified developer).

If the application did not open, right click (ctrl click) the application and select OPEN

It will identify that the app is from an unknown source, please agree to OPEN

It probably won’t, but if it does ask for permissions for network access, or to install some files, please allow it.

The app should load into a “connecting” screen and then request your name to start.



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